The Revolution

CF System Mattress

  • During the procedure, the patients temp. Is being measured by the CF-System oesphageal temperature probe and transmitted to the CF-system controler.
  • The clinical specialist can set the desired PATIENT TEMP and the system will be autoregulated by the measured Pat. Temp, in order to maintain or achieve teh set body temperature

Thanks to the patented and revolutionary “Carbon impregnated fiber technology”, the CF-system can apply a more direct contact between patient and heating element.

This results in a more rapid en efficient transfer of energy from mattress to patient.

The result is a much more efficient application of conductive patient heating

The CF-system mattress is equiped with a patented 3D spacer, which is devided in 3  pressure zones to releive pressure from shoulders, thigh and ankles.

The “pressure zone” technololgy also optimizes the contact aerea between mattress and patient to improve clinical efficiency and pressure deviation

CF-System Blanket

Complete Wireless

The complete absent of wires, makes the CF-System the perfect solution to warm your patient during his stay in his room, during transport to OR and during his stay in the preparation aerea!

Battery power supply

Thanks to the battery loading station with a 5 battery capacity, you always have a full charged battery available to go on transport.

The 2 hour battery capacity gives you the possebility to warm your patient 1h before the intervention, but also 1h during his stay in the recovery room.

Controlable by Patient or nurse

The awake patient is still the best thermo regulator of his own body temperature.

In the pre-warming stage, one of the most improtant things is to avoid a patient that starts sweathing!

Therefore, the patient is able to chose the temperature dose that is applied by the blanket, by a small manual controler device. 





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